Providential History (Articles)

Providential History (Articles)


1.   George Washington: “An Instrument in the Hands of Providence”


2. In God We Trust: America’s Historic Sites Reveal Her Christian Foundations


3. The Role of Women in History


4. Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving


5. Thomas Jefferson and the Words of Jesus of Nazareth


6. Knights of the Brush (Famous Painters)


7. The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents Reveal Their Christian Faith Pt. 1


8. The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents Reveal Their Christian Faith Pt. 2


9. The Christian Faith of George Washington


10. The American Dream: Jamestown & the 400th Anniversary of the American Christian Republic


11. Patriotism


12. The Hand of Providence


13. Richard Hakluyt and the Providential Colonization of America


14. Christianity in Early America by de Tocqueville


15. The Bible, Slavery, and America’s Founders


16. America Relies on God


17. Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England


18. Charles Clay and the Calvinistical Reformed Church of Charlottesville


19. The Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775


20. What Really Happened on July 4th


21. America’s First War against Muslim Terrorists


22. Revisionist Thanksgiving


23. Children of the Great Spirit The Religious Element in the Lewis and Clark Expedition


24. Supernatural Transformation via the Bible: A Story of the Doolittle Raiders of WWII


25. Protestors and Property Rights



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