2019 Report

Greetings! We appreciate your support of the Providence Foundation.

We wanted to share with you a report on some of the things we did in 2019 in order to bring Godly transformation to America and the nations.


Pennsylvania Congressman: The Fruit of Providence Foundation Training

Training leaders to transform nations is a part of the mission of the Providence Foundation. Over the decades we have trained thousands of people who have become involved in government via starting political parties, seeking political office, setting up organizations to train youth in governmental affairs, serving in local parties, assisting in political campaigns, teaching others of their civic responsibilities, and much more. One man impacted by our teachings, Lloyd Smucker, is now a United States Congressman.

Over thirty years ago, Lloyd attended a week-long America’s Providential History (APH) instructor training seminar in Charlottesville that we hosted. Eager to make this training available to folks in his home of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he invited Stephen McDowell, President of the Providence Foundation, to conduct a week-long seminar there. While only about one dozen people attended the in-depth training event, these folks went on to impact many, many people. Some of the folks started an organization – Lancaster County ACTION (Americans for Christian Traditions in Our Nation) – whose mission is to mobilize Christians to be involved in government. Under the leadership of Bob Kettering, ACTION has encouraged and supported hundreds of people to run and win various government offices, local, state, and national.

Stephen spoke earlier this year at a quarterly breakfast hosted by Lancaster County ACTION. The seventy people in attendance, including numerous officials, heard Congressman Smucker share how the seeds we planted nearly 35 years ago helped produce ACTION and his own involvement in government. After the initial APH seminar, Lloyd spent many years in business but then felt called to run for office. He was elected and served many years in state government, and then ran for U.S. Congress about four years ago. He is now serving in his second term. He participates in regular Bible studies with other members of Congress and has invited us to teach this group in the near future.

Congressman Smucker attributed his current service to the training we provided decades ago. It is encouraging to see how God can take our small efforts and produce good fruit. Your support enables us to continue to plant seeds that can produce new organizations like ACTION and new congressmen like Lloyd.

Visit our website for great articles, classes, and resources providencefoundation.com



Boxing Champion and Filipino Senator Impacted by PF Book

Over the years our books and teachings have inspired myriads of people who have done extraordinary things including: starting new political parties in a number of countries; being elected to local, state, and national government; starting Christian schools; establishing organizations to train youth in biblical worldview; inspiring international Christian leaders to teach about cultural transformation; launching homeschools; producing films and videos on Christian history.

Senator Manny Pacquaio is one man who has been impacted by our book Liberating the Nations. In addition to being a senator in the Philippines, Manny is also a long-time boxing champion. After winning a fight in January, he retained his WBA welterweight boxing title. He has held titles in a number of different weight classes over the years.

Manny Pacquaio retains title in January 2019 (above). Manny holds a copy of our book, Liberating the Nations.

Manny is second on ESPN’s list of top pound for pound boxers of the past 25 years, and is fourth pound for pound boxer of all time! Liberating the Nations has helped Manny develop a biblical philosophy of government, which he has especially used since he was elected to the senate in the Philippines in 2016.

We have taken a number of trips to the Philippines over the years teaching many leaders in the country. Your prayers and support are helping us reach people all over the world who are affecting millions of lives. Thank you so much!




AFA Cultural Institute Films McDowell for New Video

Stephen speaking at the AFA Cultural Institute on George Washington.

In October Stephen spoke in Tupelo, Mississippi, at the American Family Association Cultural Institute on George Washington. He explained why this indispensable man has been called the World’s Apostle of Liberty, and how, in the words of President Calvin Coolidge, “Divine Providence sent him to serve and inspire his fellow men.” A video on his presentation will be available early next year. The presentation is a great supplement to Stephen’s book Apostle of Liberty, The World Changing Leadership of George Washington..

The July 2019 edition of American Family Association’s widely circulated AFAJournal contained an interview with Stephen regarding the biblical foundations of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as well as the mission and work of the Providence Foundation. Let us know if you would like a copy of this interview.







Working with Renewanation to Give Children a Biblical Worldview

Speakers at one of the teacher training camps hosted by Renewanation. Stephen and Jeff Keaton, the founder and president of Renewanation, are on the far right.

The Providence Foundation has been working for the past two years with Renewanation to help give millions of children a biblical worldview. For the second year in a row Stephen was one of the speakers at Renewanation’s Teacher Training Camps held at their facilities near Pikeville, Tennessee. More than 850 teachers and administrators, with more than 9,000 students in their schools, participated, either on-site or via simulcast, in the biblical worldview training camps. Schools are continuing to purchase the simulcast. There were two groups on site at Manderley Camp and more than 21 states and two provinces watching via simulcast.

Stephen’s topics included Integrating Biblical Principles in the Classroom, The Bible: Rock of Our Republic, Teaching History from a Providential Perspective, and Biblical and American Government. If you would like to purchase the 11 sessions of training via simulcast please contact our offices. Renewanation will be offering another Teacher Training Camp August 3-4, 2020, if you want to participate. Contact us for details.

We are happy to send you a copy of The Review, a magazine published by Renewanation, which contains numerous educational articles, including a couple by McDowell. One edition includes “God’s Providence in American History” and another contains an article on “A Nation at Risk,” which shows how textbooks have changed over the years from what was clearly a Christian content to what is now secular. This change reflects the secularization of American education and helps to explain why more and more Americans embrace non-biblical worldviews. Let us know which edition you would like.




Stephen speaking to a large church on the Kingdom of God.

God is doing a special work in a number of nations throughout the world. Brazil and Colombia are two of the countries that are experiencing a huge outpouring of the Spirit of God with millions being converted to Christianity in the past few decades. Brazil has grown from around 6.6% evangelical Christian in 1980 to 22% in 2010 and about 30% today.

Accompanying the growth of Bible-believing Christians is a hunger to understand the mission God has for them to not only transform men but also to transform society. We have been doing extensive work along these lines in both of these countries in the past few years. Some of this work has been mentioned in reports from previous years.

Flyer on transformation seminar.

We continued to work with Rodrigo Tapia and the Transformation Institute, as we have since the Institute began in 2010. In November Stephen spent one week traveling to many cities in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sol, where he conducted a seminar on Biblical Economics and Business, and spoke at four different churches, a YWAM school, and a prayer meeting hosted by the mayor of the city of Gravatai. Stephen’s last speaking event was in the Legislative Assembly in the state of Rio Grande do Sol, where he spoke to dozens of pastors and legislators on foundational principles for transforming the nation. State legislator Tiago Simon sponsored the event and prayed for him at the end.


Two more of our Powerpoint Presentations were translated into Portuguese (Economics from a Biblical Perspective and The Kingdom of God) increasing the number of presentations in that language to ten. Two of our books (Liberating the Nations and Watchmen on the Walls) are also available in Portuguese.







Transformation of Colombia

Great revival has been occurring in Colombia over the past few decades, and God is now awakening His people to bring biblical transformation to all spheres of life. We have shared in the past of our extensive work in Colombia and that continued during 2019.

In February 2018, Stephen spoke to a rally of Colombia Justa Libres held at Pastor Jhon Milton’s church in Cali. Due to the critical time in Colombia’s history, this pastor felt God called him to seek public office. He is now a senator.

In the past number of years Stephen has made a dozen trips to Colombia training tens of thousands of pastors, teachers, legislators, businessmen, educators and concerned citizens in a biblical worldview.

In addition, Stephen consulted and taught the leaders of the newly formed political party Colombia Justa Libres. In the national elections of 2018 they received over one-half million votes, enough for three senators and one congressman. Since that time CJL has continued to work to enlist and train candidates for office.

In the spring of this year Stephen traveled to Cali speaking on the church and government at a pastor’s conference for the Pacific region of the country. Pastor and Senator Jhon Milton Rodrigez also spoke and was the host of this event that was attended by about 300 pastors from dozens of cities. Stephen has previously spoken a number of times at his church, to both church and political leaders.

The Spanish version of our book Watchmen on the Walls was given to 1500 pastors at a nation-wide conference.

Jhon Milton is one of three newly elected national senators from Colombia Justa Libres. As the party continues to grow they are offering in-depth training courses using recordings of past seminars Stephen and others have done on government, economics, and Biblical worldview. This training is required for those seeking office. It is encouraging to see the understanding and long-term vision the leaders of CJL have for bringing biblical transformation to Colombia. They continue to see victories in elections as well. In October 2019, they won 70 seats in various positions of local and city governments.

To help Christians in Colombia bring transformation, we have had many of our books and materials translated and published in Spanish. These include six books (Watchmen on the Walls, Liberating the Nations, The Ten Commandments and Modern Society, Crime and Punishment, Rendering to Caesar the Things that Are God’s, and In Search of Democracy), three articles, one course manual (Biblical Economics and Business), and 16 PowerPoint Presentations. (All of these resources are now available in electronic format on one memory disk. Some are available in print form in Colombia.) In addition, video recordings of Stephen’s in-depth teachings on government, economics, and education are being offered to folks throughout Latin American.

God is awakening His watchmen in Colombia. Christian leaders in the church, law, education, government, and business are seeking to bring God’s kingdom to the nation. They have just begun and much work remains. Continuing education is vital for them to succeed. Thankfully, many folks are carrying on the task. We are thankful we have been able to play a small part in this historic work and have plans for many future visits.




Japanese Newspaper Interviews McDowell

Wataru Sawamura and Stephen

In August, the American bureau chief for the second largest newspaper in Japan, The Asahi Shimbun (with a circulation of over 6 million), traveled to Charlottesville to interview Stephen about the impact of evangelicalism in America. They discussed the influence of Christianity in our history as well as the status of Christianity today and its effect upon politics and culture. Chief Wataru Sawamura is not a Christian, but he understands, unlike most Americans, that Christianity was central to the founding of this nation. He also sees that Christians are continuing to shape public life today, not only through church work but also by serving in government and other areas of life.

To help him understand more about Christianity and American culture today, Wataru spent an afternoon in September with the American Family Association tour group that Stephen and John were leading. We also gave him many of our books to help him further with the articles he will write. Please pray that he communicates well the truth of Christianity to his large audience in Japan that needs the good news of the Gospel.



New Books and Publications

  1. Ruling Over the Earth

God owns and ultimately governs the earth. Yet, after creating man He tasked him as His delegated authority to rule over and steward it. God does not leave man to rule according to his own volition but reveals in the Bible everything he needs to know to fulfill his mission, including much information about government. All Christians should learn what the Bible teaches about civil affairs and how to govern biblically. Fulfilling this duty is essential if we are to obey God’s commission to rule over the earth.

Ruling Over the Earth addresses: the origin and meaning of government, the premise of government, spheres of government, the purpose of government, Jesus’ teachings on government, the power and form of biblical government, the relationship of God and government, the model of the Hebrew Republic as an example for today, and Christians’ civil duties.


  1. The Forefathers Monument, a Matrix of Liberty

The National Monument to the Forefathers, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, commemorates the Pilgrims, their planting the colony of Plymouth, and their contribution to the American nation at large. This marvelous eighty-one-foot-tall granite structure also provides a matrix for how to build a free society based upon the biblical ideals and worldview of these early settlers.

The monument is composed of numerous statues; the most prominent is the heroic figure of Faith, standing with her right hand pointed to the heavens and the other holding a Bible. At the base of the pedestal where Faith stands are four seated statues representing Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty—emblems of the principles upon which the Pilgrims built their Commonwealth, each also having a symbol referring to the Bible that Faith possesses.

The monument provides us a matrix of liberty based upon the worldview of our forefathers. Their ideas gave birth to the most free, prosperous, virtuous, and just nation the world has ever seen. If we apply those same principles today and build according to the successful pattern, we can expect the same results.




  1. Pocket-Sized Constitution of the United States

The United States Constitution initiated constitutional government for modern man. When it went into effect in 1789 no nation had such a form of government. Today, about 175 countries have a constitution, most inspired by America’s. However, most of these are short-lived. The average lifespan of a written constitution is only 17 years, making America’s quite exceptional.

The U.S. Constitution has been the underlying basis for our nation’s rule and law. Yet a 2017 survey revealed the unfortunate truth: an alarming percentage of Americans do not know what rights and responsibilities are laid out in the Constitution.

The American Family Association recently produced a pocket Constitution designed to easily be carried with you. This small 48-page booklet contains the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and a special foreword by Stephen McDowell, “Christianity and the Constitution,” which explains the biblical foundations of that document.

  1. Providence Foundation Bookmark

Helpful while reading all the great PF books.

  1. Memory Disk with Resources for Latin America

With our extensive travels to Latin American in the past few years, we have begun to make our many books and PowerPoint presentations available in electronic format via memory disk. Spanish resources include 6 books, 3 articles, one course manual, and 14 PowerPoint Presentations. Portuguese resources include one book and 10 PowerPoints.

  1. National Monument to the Forefathers Replica

This high quality replica of an historic monument located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is hand sculpted by the world’s best sculptors, carefully molded, and reproduced in high density resin. The best quality possible; 14 inches tall; stone grey color. (PF is one of the exclusive sellers of this replica produced by Kirk Cameron.)

Christian History Tours

Stephen and John McDowell conducted numerous tours of Washington, DC, and Virginia for various groups including the two annual week-long tours we do with Tim Wildmon and America Family Association. Folks from all over the USA attend these tours that we have been doing with Tim and AFA for 20 years. Seeing evidence in our historic sites of how God’s hand was integral to the founding of America continues to make a deep impression upon folks of all ages. These tours are always full, so if you are considering joining us, please sign up early. Visit spiritualheritagetours.com to learn more.

Presentations, Interviews, and Articles

Seminars and presentations were given at numerous churches, schools, and social impact organizations in many states. Stephen was interviewed on a number of radio programs, plus he wrote a number of new articles for our regular emailers, with some being published by AFA and other groups. A number of new PowerPoint Presentations were also produced. We reach tens of thousands of people each month via our bi-weekly email newsletter and almost daily Facebook posts.

Legislators’ Project: 20 States Reached

We continue to distribute our book, The Bible: America’s Source of Law and Liberty, to state legislators. Earlier this year, Missouri Rep. Mike Moon distributed books to 59 newly elected members of the house, having given copies to the incumbents previously. Please consider making a donation toward our Legislators’ Project so we can give copies of this vital book to the leaders in the 30 unreached states. If you know anyone in your state legislature who might be a sponsor to distribute the book, please let us know.

In his cover letter accompanying the book, Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey encouraged the senators to read this book saying, “If this state and this nation is to survive into the next generation and beyond, we must all cherish and pass along this great history and heritage.”

Book Publishing and Sales

Since our founding in 1984, we have published about 40 different books, over 20 Biblical Worldview Courses, a dozen videos, and scores of audios and other resources. Over 300,000 of these have been sold in the United States. Our books and materials have been translated into 18 different languages and distributed to more than one million people in about 100 countries.

We hear regularly from folks who have benefited from our books and materials, which always encourages us. Dave Meyer wrote in the spring 2018 edition of “Enjoying Everyday Life” (the magazine of Joyce Meyer Ministries): “It’s been over 20 years since a friend first gave me a copy of the book, America’s Providential History. I’ll never forget how God used it to open my eyes to all of the great and mighty things He did to establish this nation.” Ever since then Dave has taught about America’s Christian history and promoted our book at their conferences, selling over 100,000 copies.

On-Going Classes

  1. Monumental: Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

Since the training course, Monumental, Restoring America as the Land of Liberty, was released over five years ago, thousands of individuals, churches, schools, and study groups have used this to be equipped in biblical principles of liberty. We have received much positive feed-back from participants from the east to the west coasts. Folks in other nations have also enjoyed it.

Many individuals who have gone through the study have set up classes to teach others. Dan from Pennsylvania recently wrote us expressing his desire to train others:

I recently purchased a Monumental DVD training package and am very impressed with the incredible job you and Kirk Cameron have done in the production of this documentary and training course. You are so spot on when describing the founding and the foundation of this great Nation as well as the continuing effort by some to discredit our Founding Fathers and their faith in God. From my first viewing I have been educated and inspired. I want to share this incredible story with as many people as possible. I have taught Bible studies in the past but this is a much different approach than most Bible studies.

After asking questions regarding setting up a class, Dan said,

I thank you and Kirk Cameron from the bottom of my heart for your foresight in the production of this documentary. Every citizen in America needs to see this documentary and know the truth. I want to be a part of making that happen.

Unfortunately this valuable tool is now out of print and the publisher is not certain if they can reprint it, due to the high capital outlay needed to reproduce the entire package. If you would like to discuss possibly helping to fund its republication please let us know.


  1. God’s Blueprint for Life, Liberty, and Property: A Bible Study on the Ten Commandments

Thousands of individuals, groups, and churches have been going through this study, and we have received much positive feedback. One woman said it was the best Bible study she had ever done. One man wrote, “This study of the Ten Commandments was a refreshing study of God’s Word. It is an important combatant in the war against lawlessness in America.”

Another individual wrote: “I have become convinced that this “Blueprint” study is ripe with value if one is willing to respond vigorously to the challenge it presents. Similar to the Bible where the Author expects one to really struggle with His word to reach deeply, your book was clearly written to provide mature understanding of the law for someone who is diligent and persistent….I wish to thank you for this fine piece of work that you have produced.”

  1. America’s Providential History has been used as a textbook for classes in homes, churches, and schools for 30 years. It remains our biggest seller, with Joyce Meyer Ministries alone ordering 4000-5000 annually.
  2. The Threat of Islam to Liberty and Christianity –The Institute on the Constitution is one of many groups that uses our book as a regular part of their training courses.
  3. Contending for the Constitution – our book on the Constitution is regularly used as a textbook for classes at a number of schools including Liberty University.



Your support has enabled us to accomplish the above items and more. Thank you so much! Your continued support will help us spread Christian liberty and truth among the nations and train others to transform the culture for Christ.

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