The State/Government (Articles)

The State/Government (Articles)


1. Interpreting the First Amendment


2. A Wall of Separation?: Church, State, and the Founding Fathers


3. Morality and Religion: The Foundation of Free Societies


4. Noah Webster, God’s Law, and the United States Constitution


5. Crime and Punishment, A Biblical Perspective


6. Qualifications for Godly Officials


7. Qualifications for Elected Officials 

(Excerpts from two Election Sermons)


8. The Changing Nature of Law in America


9. The Bible, Slavery, and America’s Founders


10. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


11. First Lessons in Civil Government


12. Obama, Romney, Other: Who should Christians Vote for in 2012?


13. Defending the Declaration: How the Bible and Christianity Influenced the Writing of the Declaration of Independence


14. We Hold these Truths, Governmental Principles of America’s Founders


15. The Shutdown of (Self-) Government


16. The Growing Threat of Socialism


17. Fulfilling our Biblical Duty to Choose Godly Officials


18. American Exceptionalism –  Nationalist Arrogance or Historical Fact?  Something to Think About


19. “We the People” or “We the Judges”?


20. Rendering to Caesar the Things that Are God’s


21. The Threat of Islam to Liberty and Christianity


22. The Two Greatest External Threats to Christianity


23. The Supreme Court Ruling to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Is of “the First Order of Absurdity”


24. Barack Obama: A Good President or Evil Leader?


25. Public Sermons in Early America


26. Some Rational Thoughts on Trump’s Executive Order Temporarily Banning Travel from Seven Nations Harboring Terrorists





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