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Seminars and Presentations

The Providence Foundation has conducted presentations, talks, and seminars throughout the United States and in dozens of other countries. Some of the topics are listed below. Looking at our Biblical Worldview University courses and resource materials will also give you an idea of subjects on which we teach. We are available to give a presentation, conduct a seminar, or speak to your group. If you are interested in scheduling an event in your locality please contact us.

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PowerPoint Presentations:


Messages and Talks:




Costumed Portrayal of Thomas Jefferson

1. The Foundation of America’s Liberty and Independence

* Includes the price the Signers paid for our liberty. Jefferson’s faith, views on church and state.


Other Seminar Topics

See the courses offered by Providence Foundation Biblical Worldview University.
Go to: Biblical Worldview University

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In general, the host for an event is responsible for all travel expenses and accommodations plus an honorarium. Contact us for more details.