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Various Languages


To order our materials in other languages, please call our office at 434-978-4535 or email us at We are currently in the process of uploading our foreign materials into our store. When available they will be located in the store.

Books in Spanish as electronic files:

  1. Liberating the Nations
  2. Ten Commandments

Articles/booklets in Spanish:

  1. Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate
  2. Biblical Economics
  3. Education and the Kingdom of God

Other hard copy books that we can provide:

  1. Watchmen on the Walls
  2. In Search of Democracy

Biblical Worldview University Courses in Spanish:

  1. Government and Politics
  2. Christian Education and Biblical Worldview
  3. Principles for Transforming the Marketplace
  4. Building Godly Nations

Teachings in Portuguese:

  1. Introductions to various Biblical worldview topics


Resources in Many Languages Impacting Nations

Christian books and materials produced by the Providence Foundation are being used widely throughout the world to provide fundamental principles in Christian Worldview and an understanding in the history of Christianity which is necessary for Godly transformation of nations.


 Translated into 18 Different Languages

Books and materials have been translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, German, Burmese, Korean, Italian, French, Chinese, Bulgarian, Swahili, Urdu, Pashtun, Persian, Czech, and Arabic.


Published in 15 Countries

Books have been published in the United States, India, Ghana, the Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Pakistan.

  • 50,000 copies of The Ten Commandments and Modern Society printed in Pakistan.
  • 5000 copies of Liberating the Nations used by leaders of the transformation movement in Brazil
  • Russian Liberating the Nations used by leaders in the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine


Impacting Individuals, the Church, Education, and Civil Affairs

People from well over 100 countries have used our books to assist them in their work. It has had an impact in many spheres of life — religion, civil government, education, business. The publisher of the book in Belarus said that Liberating the Nations is more than a textbook, it is a weapon to help us “step against the ungodly totalitarian authority in my nation, using biblical methods.”

The founder and president of the African Christian Democratic Party in South Africa, Kenneth Meshoe wrote: “Your book, Liberating the Nations, is an excellent resource for us. I believe the Lord has prepared you over the years to be of assistance to our new democratic South Africa.”

After receiving copies of Liberating the Nations and Building Godly Nations as a gift, an educator in Nigeria said, “He would not have done better if he had given me bars of gold! Using these I designed a curriculum for two Bible Colleges. Every semester we reach about 100 students, out of which ¾ are pastors, some having as much as 1000 members.”

Some of these books are available in electronic form and some as printed copies. Contact us if you are interested in obtaining copies. Email: