Pennsylvanian Congressman: A Product of Providence Foundation Training

Congressman Lloyd Smucker, Stephen McDowell, Bob Kettering

Training leaders to transform nations is a part of the mission of the Providence Foundation. Over the decades we have trained thousands of people who have become involved in government via starting political parties, seeking political office, setting up organizations to train youth in governmental affairs, serving in local parties, assisting in political campaigns, teaching others of their civic responsibilities, and much more. One man impacted by our teachings, Lloyd Smucker, is now a United States Congressman.

Over thirty years ago, Lloyd attended a week-long America’s Providential History (APH) instructor training seminar in Charlottesville that we hosted. Eager to make this training available to folks in his home of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he invited Stephen McDowell, President of the Providence Foundation, to conduct a week-long seminar there. While only about one dozen people attended the in-depth training event, these folks went on to impact many, many people. Some of the folks started an organization – Lancaster County ACTION (Americans for Christian Traditions in Our Nation) – whose mission is to mobilize Christians to be involved in government. Under the leadership of Bob Kettering, ACTION has encouraged and supported hundreds of people to run and win various government offices, local, state, and national.

Lancaster County ACTION breakfast.

Stephen recently spoke at a quarterly breakfast hosted by Lancaster County ACTION. The seventy people in attendance, including numerous officials, heard Congressman Smucker share how the seeds we planted nearly 35 years ago helped produce ACTION and his own involvement in government. After the initial APH seminar, Lloyd spent many years in business but then felt called to run for office. He was elected and served many years in state government, and then ran for U.S. Congress about four years ago. He is now serving in his second term. He participates in regular Bible studies with other members of Congress and has invited us to teach this group in the near future.

Congressman Smucker attributed his current service to the training we provided decades ago. It is encouraging to see how God can take our small efforts and produce good fruit. Your support enables us to continue to plant seeds that can produce new organizations like ACTION and new congressmen like Lloyd.


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