Government and Politics


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It is the duty of Christians to address not only spiritual but also social and political needs in their community and nation. This course examines what those duties are and how the church can effectively prepare its members to be salt in the public arena. The power and form of a free government are presented. The power includes seven biblical governmental principles that were a part of the thinking and action of America’s Founders. Seven components of the form or the framework of a Constitutional Republic wil be examined. While the Bible teaches there is a jurisdictional separation of the church and state, there cannot be a separation of God and government, for He is sovereign over al governments. Also presented are the Biblical qualifications for civil leaders. The Bible teaches that those who govern should have knowledge (a Biblical worldview), morality (Christian character), and faith (fear of God). Each of these are examined as wel as an example from the political life of Davy Crockett. One session is a documentary that presents the historical roots of the metaphor of “the wal of separation between church and state” through interviews. This presentation is vital to understanding the current struggle in church/state relations in America.

Instructor: Stephen McDowel
Authors: McDowel, Beliles, Bruce Anderson
Format: 8 sessions. 1 is a 70 page book; 5 sessions are on CD (or audios); 1 session is a 36 page book; 1 session is a documentary DVD.
Credit Hours: 9
Course No.: STA04

Choose Credit if you are enrolled in the Biblical Worldview University and you will receive credit towards your Providence Foundation degree.

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