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We must cultivate a passionate mind for God and a Biblical worldview. The extent and quality of revival or reformation will be determined by how believers view all of life from the Bible’s perspective. This course defines what a worldview is, examines four areas that are foundational for our worldview, and shows how all education is religious. While Biblical education is a means of bringing God’s kingdom on earth, present-day state education is the means of bringing man’s kingdom on earth. This course also contrasts the foundational principles of modern state education and the components of Kingdom education.

For education to be Christian it needs a Christian philosophy, methodology, and curriculum. The Principle Approach is a Christian method of education, instilling in individuals the ability to reason from the Bible to every aspect of life. To implant principles in those we educate, we need to restore the “4 Rs” to education —
1. Research, 2. Reason, 3. Relate, 4. Record.

Sessions include:
1.How to Disciple the Nations (Purpose of Divine Institutions)
2.Education and the Kingdom of God: Developing Citizens with a Biblical Worldview
3.The Principle Approach: A Christian Philosophy and Methodology of Education
4.Restoring the 4Rs to Education
5.Restoring America’s Christian Education
6.Seven Fundamental Principles
7.Teaching History and Literature from a Biblical Perspective
8.Establishing a Reading Aloud Program in the Home
9.Raising Kingdom Kids
10.Biblical Principles for the Media and the Arts
11.How to Educate Yourself and Others (in church classes, home schools, Christian schools)
12.Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate

Instructors: Stephen McDowell and Mark Beliles.

12 sessions on CD, with notes and handouts.
One session is a booklet. Some PowerPoint notes are provided, as well as lists of good literature and resource books.

Course No.: EDU01.

Choose Credit if you are enrolled in the Biblical Worldview University and you will receive credit towards your Providence Foundation degree.

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