America’s Providential History


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In our best selling book, discover why many historians consider the Bible America’s founding document. Learn how God’s presence was evident at our nation’s founding in the men who fought for independence and shaped the Constitution. Beginning with ancient history, the book presents a providential view of significant events leading to the establishment of America. Examines the Reformation, the Pilgrims, the role of the clergy and church, the Christian foundations of education and economics, and the development of liberty. Cites primary source documents that show our nation grew from Christian principles and reveals how to bring them back into the nation today. Numerous illustrations, portraits, and visual aids make this book a valuable resource. The Conservative Book Club says: “This volume seems destined to become one of the best selling Christian books of our time.” 300 pages, paperback, B01

Authors: Dr. Mark A. Beliles & Stephen K. McDowell

Endorsement: “This is the best workbook I’ve read that shows God’s miraculous hand in American history. If you want your children and grandchildren to understand why America became the freest, most powerful and blessed nation in all of history, then you need to read this awesome book. I highly recommend it. My family and I have been captivated by Stephen McDowell’s America’s Providential History and I want you and your family to be blessed by its pages as well.” – Kirk Cameron

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