Crime and Punishment, A Biblical Perspective


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Crime is rampant throughout the world and affects everyone. Over 10 million crimes are committed every year in America. Every 3 seconds a crime occurs against someone’s property. Capital and other violent crimes occur about every 35 seconds. America’s response to crime (like most nations) has largely been to build prisons to keep criminals, and this at an annual cost exceeding $30,000 per inmate. These “correctional institutions” have done little to correct the problem and in many ways have helped develop more professional criminals.

God has a better way to deal with law breakers. The Bible reveals to us the cause of crime and why crime flourishes, but more importantly how to deal with crime. It gives us both preventative and corrective measures. The emphasis of God’s Word in dealing with criminal acts is restitution to the victim and restoration of Godly order. This booklet examines Biblical restitution, the death penalty, theft by voting, and much more.

Author: Stephen McDowell

Providential Perspective Series – 9

24 pages, paperback, PP09

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