Building Godly Nations




Lessons from the Bible and America’s Christian History

Jesus commissioned believers to “make disciples of all nations,” which, according to Bible Commentator Matthew Henry, means to “do your utmost to make the nations Christian nations.” How do we make the nations Christian? How do we build Godly nations? The Bible teaches that if a people obey God’s laws they will have liberty, peace, prosperity, and justice. But we must obey all of God’s laws to experience the abundance of God’s blessing. To the extent we obey in all areas of life, is the extent we will experience the Godly fruit of liberty. The Founders of America understood this vital truth and attempted to build the nation upon the precepts of God, and though not without fault, their efforts produced the best example of a Christian nation in history. Thus there are many important lessons we can learn from the American Founders as we seek to build Godly nations today. This book examines the mandate for building Godly nations, lessons from America’s Christian history, and how to apply Biblical principles to governing the nations. Chapters include:

* Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate: How Christians Have Helped
Establish God’s Kingdom in the Nations
* God’s Sovereignty Over the Nations
* The Bible: Rock of Our Republic
* Pastors and American Independence
* Separation of Church and State
* The Role of Women in History
* We Hold These Truths – Governmental Principles of America’s Founders
* The Changing Nature of Law in America
* The Bible, Slavery, and America’s Founders
* Qualifications for Godly Officials
* Biblical Principles of Business – Exemplified by Cyrus McCormick
* Education and the Kingdom of God

278 pages, paperback, B14

Author: Stephen McDowell

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