Providence Foundation 2021 Report from Stephen McDowell

Thank you so much for your support of the Providence Foundation. During the past year we had the opportunity to advance the truth of God in many ways. We continue to produce training materials, teach in many different formats, and disciple current and future leaders. Travel increased as the fears of COVID diminished, while online events continued to increase greatly.

Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have read our books. Many people have written us expressing their appreciation for the truths they have learned and how their lives have been changed. Many of these people have in turn influenced many others. One person who has impacted millions is Dave Meyer, husband of Joyce Meyer, a well-known Christian teacher and author.

Dave recently wrote a book, in which I wrote an endorsement. He sent me a copy with the following personal inscription: “It was your book, America’s Providential History that changed my thinking and therefore my life forever.”

These are very encouraging words to hear from anyone, but especially from Dave who applied his changed thinking by teaching others. Ever since Dave read APH over 20 years ago, he has been teaching at conferences, writing articles and books, and sharing with others the liberating ideas he learned from us. It is encouraging to see how God can take our humble efforts and advance His truth.

A few of the activities your donations enabled us to do include:

International Work

While COVID has affected many in-person meetings, we are doing more distance events than ever. Last year I taught classes via zoom to thousands of people in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, and other Latin American nations on a variety of subjects, including biblical economics, biblical government, and crime and punishment. Many pastors, educators, and government leaders (including a senator who is running for president in Colombia) participated in these online seminars.

Our books and teachings continue to spread throughout the nations. I have been traveling regularly over the past ten years to Brazil and Latin America, especially working with the Transformation Institute that offers regular classes in biblical worldview. They have trained tens of thousands of people, who are applying the truth they learned in all spheres of life.

Our books have been a key component of their training programs, and many of them have been translated into Portuguese and Spanish. Liberating the Nations was our first book published in those two languages (first in the 1990s with more printings since then). Many other books have followed including The Ten Commandments, In Search of Democracy, Crime and Punishment, and Watchmen on the Walls.

Portuguese edition of Ruling Over the Earth.

Two more of my books were published in Portuguese in 2021: Ruling Over the Earth, A Biblical View of Civil Government and Statism: The Idol of the Modern World. Ruling Over the Earth will be available in Spanish soon as well. My newest book on biblical economics (Stewarding the Earth) is currently being translated into Spanish. It will be used as a textbook for a school of economics in Colombia, plus serve as the source of ideas for classes I will be teaching in 2022 via zoom in Colombia and Spain.

New Books and Products

Our newest book, which has just been published, is on biblical economics. I have been teaching on this subject for many years, but a request from a school of economics in Colombia, South America, for a textbook for their students motivated me to write Stewarding the Earth, A Biblical View of Economics. It is currently being translated into Spanish and will be used all over Latin America and Spain. It presents the principles America and all nations need for economic flourishing.

We printed copies of the revised and expanded version of America’s Providential History, which is available in print and electronic formats. We also published a new Providential Perspective booklet, Turning America Around.

AFA Cultural Institute: American Family Association’s Cultural Institute filmed my talk on “A Biblical View of Civil Government,” and produced a DVD as part of their extensive biblical worldview products. This was the second such DVD we have made in conjunction with AFA.

The Third Education Revolution

The world needs a new paradigm for teaching youth. The secularization of colleges and schools is giving rise to nations abandoning truth and virtue, and in turn, losing liberty and prosperity. That new vision of education is being advanced by numerous leaders throughout the world, and is explained in a new book, The Third Education Revolution. I was privileged to be one of two dozen individuals who contributed to this work edited by Vishal Mangalwadi and David Marshall.

Vishal introduces the concept: “For a thousand years the church has sent students to the universities. It is time for universities to send students to the local church. Imagine that students enroll in accredited universities and schools but attend classes in the local church. Professors come to church online. The poorest students get to learn from the world’s best teachers. Academic Pastors mentor students individually and in small groups. Students save up to 75% on tuition and contribute to their family’s economy. Students who cannot live with their parents, room and board with elders and deacons trained to teach them the necessary life-skills.”

In September I participated in a regional launch event for the Third Education Revolution, along with Vishal and three other contributors. I addressed my contribution to the book: “How the Bible Educated America to Live in Liberty.” Implementation of this new paradigm has already begun in a couple of nations. To learn more, you can order a copy of The Third Education Revolution on our website.

Biblical Worldview Training

including the Sandy Rios Show, AFA’s Today’s Issues, WallBuilders Live, and E.W. Jackson’s radio show. I also taught on numerous phone conferences, including those of Transform USA and E.W. Jackson.

Christian History Tours: As we have done for over 20 years, we conducted two week-long Christian history tours with American Family Association; and as always, we had a bus load of enthusiastic people from all over the United States learn of God’s hand in the founding of America.

These are very informative and fun, so please consider joining us this year. We have the dates for our 2022 Spiritual Heritage Tours. One tour will be of Jamestown, Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg and the other will be of Washington, D.C., and Mount Vernon. We will do these in mid-June and mid-September and they are back-to-back in case you want to go on both.

Tim Wildmon, President of American Family Association, will host the tours, and I will share the incredible stories of the people, the places and the events that demonstrate God’s hand on America. These tours fill up several months in advance so sign up soon. The website,, has all the information you need to make your plans now to join us. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Speaking to a tour group at the Jefferson Memorial.

Legislators’ Project

We reached three new state legislatures (North Carolina, Alaska, and Ohio) with our book The Bible: America’s Source of Law and Liberty, increasing its reach to 22 different states. In 2016 we launched a project to give a copy of our book The Bible, America’s Source of Law and Liberty to all 7383 state legislators in all 50 states. West Virginia State Senator Mike Azinger has partnered with us in this effort, promoting the Legislators’ Project in many venues. After he presented the vision at the National Association of Christian Legislators (NACL) five new state legislators agreed to oversee distribution of the book in their states.

One of those legislators was North Carolina State Senator Ted Alexander, who we had met decades ago when he attended one of our seminars. On a NACL zoom call Senator Alexander held up our book and told the other legislators it was well received by his colleagues and greatly needed today. We are currently working with folks in Louisiana to reach the legislators there. To reach new states we will need to reprint the book, so please pray for the funds to accomplish this (donations have allowed us to give these to the legislators at no cost).

As God allows, we will continue to engage in the battle for our culture in 2022. We have a number of new exciting things already in the works for this coming year that we will share with you about later. Your continued support will assist us in the vital work of biblical transformation. Thank you!


In His Service,

Stephen McDowell


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