Abraham Lincoln’s Faith




Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? Did he believe the Bible was the inspired word of God?

William Herdon, Lincoln’s law partner for about 18 years, said of him: “As to Mr. Lincoln’s religious views, he was, in short, an infidel….Mr. Lincoln told me a thousand time that he did not believe the Bible was the revelation of God as the Christian world contends.” One biographer records of Lincoln that “when he went to church, he went to mock and came away a mimic.”

Yet, Rev. James Smith, the pastor of the church in Springfield where Lincoln attended for over 10 years, gives a much different picture. He writes: “It is a very easy matter to prove that while I was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Mr. Lincoln did avow his belief in the divine authority and inspiration of the Scriptures.” His pastor while he was President, Dr. Gurley wrote: “I considered him sound not only on the truth of the Christian religion but on all its fundamental doctrines and teaching.”

Which of these views is right? Why the contrary views? These questions and more are answered in Abraham Lincoln’s Faith.

Author: Stephen McDowell

Providential Perspective Series – 12

32 pages, paperback, PP12

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