Biblical Revival and the Transformation of Nations




America, like Humpty Dumpty, has fallen off the wall and is broken. Government (the king’s horses and men) cannot put us together. Our only hope is for God to tear open the heavens and come down and do awesome things. We need God to revive us as a people, to bring His life to our society. Not only does America, but also all nations have a desperate need for Biblical revival and transformation.

The history of revivals as briefly presented in this book gives us great hope that the living God can revive us. Just as God did in Ireland through the influence of Patrick in the fifth century, in much of Europe through the Protestant Reformation, and in America during the First Great Awakening, He can do in America and any nation today. When Biblical revival comes, not only will individuals be supernaturally changed, but the entire culture (including families, churches, businesses, laws, governments, and the economy) will be transformed. In addition to examining many historical revivals and their good fruit, this book includes: how to bring revival and transformation to your nation, and what a transformed society would look like.

Author: Stephen McDowell
64 pages, paperback
Providential Perspective Series 13

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