Notable Individuals in History (Articles)

Notable Individuals in History (Articles)



1. Michael Faraday, a Christian Dynamo


2. George Washington: “An Instrument in the Hands of Providence”


3. Knights of the Brush (Famous Painters)


4. Faith of the U.S. Presidents Seen in Their Inaugural Addresses


5. The Christian Faith of George Washington


6. Alvin York: An Example of Ministry in the Market Place


7. The Last Will and Testaments of the Founders Reveal Their Christian Faith


8. Richard Hakluyt and the Providential Colonization of America


9. Baptism by Fire Pearl Harbor, Hand of God, Mitsuo Fuchida


10. Columbus’ Christian Character and Divine Mission


11. Abraham Lincoln’s Faith


12. Patrick Transforms a Nation: An Example for Today


13. Noah Webster and the Reformation of America


14. Encountering God through the Works of Johann Sebastian Bach


15. Martin Luther and Reformation Day


16. George Washington Carver Transformed the Economy of the South by Applying Biblical Truth


17. No Cross, No Crown: The Life Message of William Penn


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