Become a Providence Foundation Instructor or Class Facilitator

Become a Providence Foundation Instructor or Class Facilitator



Teach others the ideas and principles needed to restore America and transform nations!


  • Be a part of bringing Godly transformation to America and the nations.
  • Be educated in applying Biblical principles to all spheres of life.
  • Learn America’s Christian history and providential world history.
  • Be equipped to educate others in a Biblical worldview.



The Providence Foundation provides in-depth teaching in a Biblical worldview, and then encourages those we have trained to teach others. The goal is for everyone to apply the truth they have learned in their lives, family, occupation, community, and nation. The fruit of this is transformation.

We seek to train those who equip others. To accomplish this goal, we have over the years trained hundreds of people who have taught others in classes and discussion groups. Consider joining with these men and women by becoming a PF Instructor or Facilitator.


How do I become an instructor or facilitator?

Hundreds of thousands of people have personally benefited from reading our books, listening to audio messages, and taking courses. Thousands of people, churches, schools, colleges, and groups have taught or offered classes using our books and materials. We are glad our products have been of use and hope to see many more people use them in the years to come. We would love for you start a class or discussion group in your community.

Hundreds of people have chosen to work more closely with us. They have received more in-depth training, with the goal of imparting to others the ideas of liberty they learned. Some have become representatives or instructors of the Providence Foundation, where we help them promote their work of teaching and transformation in their locality.

Some years ago we established our Biblical Worldview University (BWU) as a means of providing systematic training in five general areas: General Biblical Worldview, Providential History, the Family and Christian Education, the Marketplace, and the State.

Graduates of BWU are eligible to become a member of our international network of approved instructors of the Providence Foundation. See the Worldview University tab  to learn more about the requirements for graduation. Any graduate who is interested in becoming a PF instructor can contact us to arrange a personal interview. Completing the interview successfully is the last step in becoming a PF instructor.

Facilitators are those who want to see others educated but do not want to formally teach. They can set up and lead a discussion group using various BWU courses. Facilitators do not have to be graduates of BWU.


Steps to take to become a PF Instructor:

  1. Get trained through our Biblical Worldview University

Enroll online or request a BWU catalog ( . If you already have training in Biblical worldview, we can extend some credit to you for this, thus enabling you to complete the BWU training faster. Contact us for details.

  1. Set up a personal interview and provide references.

After completing the training and graduating from BWU, arrange for a personal interview and provide a couple of references.

  1. Begin to set up classes and teach others.

We will assist certified instructors to organize and teach classes. We also have various Powerpoint presentations and other resources to assist you in teaching.

If you have a desire to teach others but are unable to become a PF Instructor at this time, please do so, using any of our materials that will help you.


What courses should I teach?


For a great foundation in biblical worldview and providential history we recommend one of three courses:


1) Monumental: Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

2) America’s Providential History

3) God’s Blueprint for Life, Liberty, & Property: A Bible Study on the Ten Commandments

 Monumental has 12 or 13 sessions and America’s Providential History about 16. A description of each of these follows. For a short introductory course (four sessions) we suggest “Fundamentals for Biblical Transformation.”

Monumental: Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

America has undergone a radical shift in recent times, from an exceptional nation—the most free, prosperous, and virtuous in history— to a nation in decline. There are numerous signs of decay in the American culture: the breakdown of the family; the abandonment of sexual morals; the decline of education; the rampant killing of unborn children; the rise of big government; and the growing hostility to Christianity in schools, colleges, the military, business, and government.

The good news is that we can do something to solve these problems and restore America. We can follow the blueprint that the Founders of the nation gave us to build a free nation.

This 12-lesson course provides the blueprint for restoring America as the land of liberty. This package contains the Dove-nominated film by Kirk Cameron Monumental, a book authored by Stephen McDowell on Restoring America as the Land of Liberty, and discussions on DVD by Kirk and Stephen on the twelve chapters in the book.


Section 1: The Founder’ Blueprint for Liberty:

1) The Forefathers Monument: A Matrix of Liberty

2) Faith

3) Morality

4) Law

5) Education

6) Liberty.

Section 2: The Story of Liberty:

7) The Chain of Liberty: Preparation of the Seed of the American Republic

8) The Pilgrims: Planting the Seed of the American Republic

9) The Christian Colonization of America: Cultivating the Seed of Liberty

10) Advance of Liberty in Early America: Fruit of the Seed of the American Republic

11) Decline of the American Republic in the 20th Century: Growth of a Different Seed

12) Being Watchmen on the Walls: Replanting the Seed of the American Republic


Be a part of advancing God s monumental story. This course is the ideal means of providing you and your family and friends with the ideas necessary to live in Christian liberty.

Instructors: Stephen McDowell and Kirk Cameron. Book author: Stephen McDowell

Format: 13 sessions. Session 1: The film Monumental. The other 12 sessions are comprised of reading a chapter, listening to a 30-minute discussion of the chapter, and answering review questions.


America’s Providential History

* This course is highly recommended for everyone. It not only teaches a great overview of Christian history and Biblical worldview, but introduces the student to many primary source writings.

A course using the books: America’s Providential History; America’s Providential History, A Documentary Sourcebook; and Teacher’s Guide to America’s Providential History. There are CDs teaching much of the material in America’s Providential History that can be used as a supplement with this course, but these are optional.

Discover why many historians consider the Bible America’s founding document. Learn how God’s presence was evident at our nation’s founding in the men who fought for independence and shaped the Constitution. Beginning with ancient history, the course presents a providential view of significant events leading to the establishment of America. It examines the Reformation, the Pilgrims, the role of the clergy and church, the Christian foundations of education and economics, and the development of liberty. Cites primary source documents that show our nation grew from Christian principles and reveals how to bring them back into the nation today.

The Documentary Sourcebook contains over 25 historical writings. Reading primary source materials is the best way to learn of the faith and worldview of America’s founders. These writings show the Founders had a Christian philosophy of government, they understood the divine purpose of civil government, and they knew that government begins internally in the heart of man with the ability to govern his own life; hence, self-government is essential for civil liberty. Selections including: Columbus’ Christian Character and Divine Mission; The Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England; Election Day in Early America; Letters of John Quincy Adams to His Son on the Bible and Its Teachings and much more. The Teacher’s Guide contains questions for each chapter, supplemental readings from the Documentary Sourcebook, lists of materials for further study, chapter outlines, tests, and more.

Authors: Stephen McDowell and Mark Beliles

Format: Course comprised of 3 books. Various written assignments are given in APH Teacher’s Guide. Sixteen or more sessions.


God’s Blueprint for Life, Liberty, & Property: A Bible Study on the Ten Commandments

America is becoming a lawless society because the church has become lawless. The church has in many ways disregarded all uses of God’s basic moral laws as revealed in the Ten Commandments: for civil use as a curb against sinful action in society, for didactic use as the rule by which we should govern our lives and grow to maturity, and for theological use as a mirror that serves as a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. Through a series of questions and answers, using hundreds of Scriptures, this Bible study will guide you through the prohibitive nature of the commands, the positive corollaries and rights rooted in these commands, and their application in civil society.

Author: Stephen McDowell
96 pages, paperback


What People Are Saying

“This is the best workbook I’ve read that shows God’s miraculous hand in American history. If you want your children and grandchildren to understand why America became the freest, most powerful and blessed nation in all of history, then you need to read this awesome book. I highly recommend it. My family and I have been captivated by Stephen McDowell’s America’s Providential History and I want you and your family to be blessed by its pages as well.” – Kirk Cameron

“Many years ago I read the America’s Providential History book. The impact of the history of our country had a life changing effect in my life. God has spoken to my heart to share this book at our conferences and make it available to other Christians so that they may obtain knowledge and become aware of their Christian heritage and experience the effect of it in their lives. The lack of knowledge concerning the history of our country has had a tremendous negative effect on America and Americans.” – Dave Meyer, Life in the Word / Joyce Meyer Ministries

“When I went to college, it was all about memorizing information.  There was very little focus on thinking for myself.  However, now that I attend the Biblical Worldview University at Providence Foundation, things are changing.  I am now learning to identify the principles found in the Bible so that I can apply them to every area of my life including my usefulness in my future and third career.” – Mary from California

“Wow, what an amazing course! What you carry is so transformational…. The school was LIFE CHANGING! I feel like life won’t ever be the same for me. Everything changes.” – A student from Pennsylvania

“Eleven other leaders in the Oklahoma State Department of Education and I are currently in week four of the Monumental workbook and DVD series. It is a powerful series and we are thankful for the opportunity to study it alongside God’s Holy Word.” – Michele, Oklahoma Director of Elementary English Language Arts



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