Restoring America’s Christian Education




America is a nation at risk. One primary reason for this is the mediocre educational performance that exists today, which is the fruit of a state monopolized educational system where the anti-Christian, man-centered religion of secular humanism is preached five days a week to 50 million of our youth. This is leading them and our nation into bondage.

Lack of money is not the problem in our public schools. The problem is with the philosophy that forms the foundation of education in America. Colossians 2:8 reveals there are two basic philosophies — that which is according to the world, and that which is according to Christ. A worldly or humanistic (man-centered) philosophy always brings captivity or bondage, while a Christian philosophy brings liberty. Learn of the Christian foundations of education in America: Education was centered in the home and was thoroughly Christian; the first schools were started by the church; the first common schools were started to teach children to be able to read and understand the Bible; 106 of the first 108 colleges were started by and for the Christian faith; the Bible was the central textbook; the Christian education of America’s Founders produced men of great character and thought—men who gave the world the most free, just, and prosperous nation of all time. Such education is needed to assure that America will continue its legacy of liberty.
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Author: Stephen McDowell

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