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About Us

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The Providence Foundation is a Christian educational organization whose mission is to train and network leaders to transform their culture for Christ, and to teach all citizens how to disciple nations. We have been working since our inception in 1983 to fulfill Christ’s commission to “make disciples of all nations.” Such nations will have transformed people, but also transformed institutions — family, church, and state.
The Foundation has focused on training and networking leaders in a principled, Biblical education that has historically produced liberty, justice, prosperity, virtue, and knowledge in people and nations. The Providence Foundation advances its mission through:


Biblical Worldview University • President: Stephen McDowell

Multi-national teaching for Schools, Media, Business and Politics

How we can serve you:

  • Books, videos, audios, correspondence courses, and online classes
  • Live worldview training seminars in cities throughout America and numerous nations
  • Providential Perspective Newsletter – a regular educational journal for members
  • In God We Trust Christian history tours to see America’s landmarks of liberty

We invite you to enroll in our courses, host a seminar or class in your area, or become one of our instructors. For more information go to Worldview University.


The Need

Jesus commissioned believers to “make disciples of all nations,” which, according to Matthew Henry, means to “do your utmost to make the nations Christian nations.”

The nations need an understanding of how to build a Godly society. We need personal revival, for all change begins in the heart of man, but Biblical revivals have historically transformed society as well as individuals. Without Biblical reformation, tyranny and oppression will increase. God has called His people to serve in civil government, education, the media, politics, and business, as well as the family and church. Everyone must know how to apply Biblical principles in their calling. Many are called to equip others in a Biblical worldview.


Goals and Objectives

  • Produce Biblical Worldview Resources in Many Languages
  • Presentations, lectures, sermons, tours, seminars, exhibits
  • Biblical worldview school with worldwide instructors

Our Work and Fruit

The Providence Foundation produces resources necessary for pastors, teachers, government leaders, businessmen, parents, and students to live and think Biblically, and to equip others to disciple the nations.

  • We have trained tens of thousands of people from over 100 countries.
  • We have provided materials and consulted with leaders who have started political parties, Christian schools, organizations, and reformational groups.
  • We have produced scores of different books, audios, videos, and newsletters in 17 different languages with over 200,000 being distributed around the world.

We offer over 50 different seminars, presentations, and talks, with staff and representatives speaking to thousands of churches, schools, home-school groups, social and political organizations, radio and TV outlets.

Directors and Speakers

Stephen McDowell is co-founder and President of the Providence Foundation, a Christian educational organization whose mission is to train and network leaders of education, business, and politics to transform their culture for Christ. In 32 years of full time work with the Foundation, Stephen has trained people from 100 countries to apply Biblical truth in all spheres of life. He has traveled to 35 nations in six continents where he has consulted with government officials, assisted in writing political documents, advised political parties, and started Christian schools and Biblical worldview training centers. He has authored and co-authored over 30 books, videos, and training courses including The Bible: America’s Source of Law and Liberty, Liberating the Nations, and America’s Providential History. His recent project, Monumental: Restoring America as the Land of Liberty, was done in conjunction with Kirk Cameron as a follow-up course to Cameron’s Monumental film. Stephen’s books and writings have been translated into 18 languages and distributed to more than one million people. McDowell holds a master’s degree in geophysics, served for several years as a pastor, and has been an adjunct professor at Regent University. Stephen and his wife Beth live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and have four children and four grandchildren.


Mark Beliles, co-founder of the Providence Foundation, retired from all official roles in 2013 and now is President of a sister organization called the Global Transformation Network. He continues to advise and teach for us on occasion. His books are also available in our bookstore.

Board of Directors

Doug Anderson, Attorney
David Barton, President, WallBuilders
Mike Davis, Director of I.T. for CPA Firm
Stephen McDowell
Dean Nelson, President, Network of Politically Active Christians

Board of Advisors

Ron & Sue Gilbert, Owners of ESOP Consulting Services, Virginia
Jose Gonzalez, President of Semilla, a ministry to Latin America
Bill Whitehead, Businessman


McDowell and Beliles with Dave and Joyce Meyer, Alan Keyes, and Peter Marshall after filming a series of TV shows