God’s Blueprint for Life, Liberty, and Property Webinar

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Restoring God’s Moral Law in America

By Stephen McDowell


Learn why America is becoming a lawless nation and what you can do to turn it around


Free Webinar by Stephen McDowell


America has lost her moral, spiritual, legal, educational, and economic rudder, and consequently, we are like a ship adrift at sea. This webinar explores what is necessary to set our nation on the right course, and gives you practical ways you can be a part of the change.

America is becoming a lawless society because the church has become lawless. The church has in many ways disregarded all uses of God’s basic moral laws as revealed in the Ten Commandments: for civil use as a curb against sinful action in society, for didactic use as the rule by which we should govern our lives and grow to maturity, and for theological use as a mirror that serves as a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.

God’s moral law as contained in the Ten Commandments is necessary for us today. We must have a thorough knowledge of the Commandments and their application to all of life. To the degree that they are neglected or rejected is the degree to which we will decline as a people and lose the great blessings that come as we obey His perfect, true, righteous, sure, holy, just, inspired, and good law.

This webinar will introduce you to these great liberating principles and show you how you can begin to learn and teach others not only the personal application of the Ten Commandments but also their civil application.

Martin Luther wrote, “Anyone who knows the Ten Commandments perfectly knows the entire Scriptures.” God’s great wisdom is seen in His moral law, first written on the conscience of mankind at Creation, next written by the hand of God on the tablets that Moses delivered to the children of Israel, and finally written on the heart of the regenerate under the New Covenant. His Commandments contain the seeds of all the wisdom in the Scriptures.



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