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  1. God’s Sovereignty over the Nations God governs in the affairs of His children, of the ungodly, and of nations. God raises up nations and they have responsibilities to Him. In governing in the affairs of men, God brings about a preparation of His people, revelation of His power and person, and consummation of His purpose. An understanding of God’s sovereignty will produce a great confidence in us.
  2. How to Disciple the Nations This tape examines what a Christian nation is and what is needed to disciple the nations. It looks at key civil teachings of Jesus necessary for the discipling of nations including jurisdictional authority, the Biblical conception of society, three divine institutions and their purposes, and the religious foundation of all nations. Education is a key element in discipling the nations. The price we must pay to disciple the nations is great, as evidenced by William Penn.
  3. Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate A look at how men of God have helped establish God’s Kingdom in the nations, including Samuel F.B. Morse, George Washington Carver, Cyrus McCormick, St. Patrick, and more. The cultural mandate calls us to use all our resources to express His image and likeness on the earth. Fulfilling this mandate requires us to discover truth through sciences, apply truth through technology, interpret truth through humanities, implement truth through commerce and social action, transmit truth through education and arts, and preserve truth through government and law.
  4. The Influence of the Bible on the Development of American Constitutionalism Christianity is the source of civil liberty and American constitutionalism. This tape examines how civil liberty is a product of the Bible in the hands of the people. It looks briefly at many significant civil documents of liberty in British and American history, including Patrick’s Liber, the Magna Charta, Charter of Virginia, Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, “Blue Laws” of New Haven Colony, the Declaration and U.S. Constitution, and more.


Instructor: Stephen McDowell

4 one-hour sessions on DVD.

Course No.: STA02

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