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The Prince of PeaceWhy Men Commit Evil Acts

What Motivates Muslim Terrorists, Mass Murderers, and Destructive Anarchists, and How Do We Stop Them?

"Why do they hate us so much?"

This question was asked by many in Belgium after Islamic terrorists bombed the airport and subway in Brussels on March 22, 2016, killing 31 and wounding over 300. Similar questions have been asked after other recent acts of terror, including the events on 9-11, the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the shooting in San Bernardino. Leaders, the media, and citizens ask, “Why would people commit such atrocities?”

Such questions followed the riotous acts in Ferguson and Baltimore and after mass killings in the theater in Colorado and the church in Charleston. What could provoke people to act this way? What is their motive? Why do terrorists and mass killers commit such despicable acts?

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The Prince of PeaceThe Bible: America’s Source of Law and Liberty

 Legislators' Project

We have an exciting new project to let you know about that could potentially impact thousands of state legislators, as well as inform voters everywhere of what is needed to protect America’s future and well-being.

We have been working with West Virginia State Representative Mike Azinger to produce a new book that he will distribute to every member of the House and Senate in his state the beginning of 2016. Following this, we hope to get a copy to every member of all the state legislatures in the country. In addition, we hope myriads of citizens will read it and become informed of America’s founding principles, enabling them to more effectively participate in choosing good and Godly leaders.

Listen to David Barton and Rick Green interview Stephen McDowell and Mike Azinger on this project. 

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The Prince of PeaceSupernatural Transformation via the Bible: A Story of the Doolittle Raiders of WWII

Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, a group of American pilots known as the Doolittle Raiders were sent to bomb Japan. Some of them were shot down, captured, and put in prison, where they suffered greatly. They were given meager food, so little that some slowly starved to death. They were kept in dark, cold, small cells; they were yelled at, beaten, and kicked. Many became diseased and received little care. The anger and hatred toward the guards due to the tortuous conditions consumed many of the prisoners. This went on for two years.

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The Prince of PeaceGod’s Blueprint for Life, Liberty, and Property (Webinar)

America has lost her moral, spiritual, legal, educational, and economic rudder, and consequently, we are like a ship adrift at sea. This webinar explores what is necessary to set our nation on the right course, and gives you practical ways you can be a part of the change.

Learn why America is becoming a lawless nation and what you can do to turn it around. Listen to this Webinar!

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The Prince of PeaceThe Threat of Islam to Liberty and Christianity (Webinar)

Our conflict in America is not just with radical Islam. It is with the religion of Islam itself, which does not support our founding principles of liberty, the equality of all men, Creator-endowed rights, the rule of law rooted in "the laws of nature and of nature's God," freedom of worship, limited jurisdiction of civil government, individual enterprise, private property, and more. To learn of this conflict and what action we can take, listen to this informative webinar.

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Revisionist ThanksgivingSpiritual Heritage Tour with Tim Wildmon and Stephen McDowell

Are you looking for a tour that will help you capture the deep, rich, Christian heritage of our country and the people who founded it? If you are, then our Spiritual Heritage Tour is for you.

To learn more or sign up click here

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Wallbuilders Live interviews Stephen McDowell on God’s Blueprint for Life, Liberty, & Property: A Bible Study on the Ten CommandmentsIt's Not Just How We Act, It's How We Think

Wallbuilders Live discusses the tenth commandment with Stephen McDowell and how this commandment affects all areas of our lives.

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The Prince of PeaceEncountering God through the Works of Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is arguably the greatest composer that ever lived. He transformed music. One of his works, The Art of Fugue, has been called “one of the loftiest accomplishments of the human mind.”[1] According to one biographer, his Summa, or summation, works “approach musical perfection, and rival any intellectual accomplishment in the history of man.”[2]

His deep Christian faith is evident in his music and words. He wrote: “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”[3] Most of Bach’s work was aimed at transforming worship – his ultimate goal was “a well-regulated church music, to the Glory of God.”[4] His hundreds of cantatas were musical sermons. His five Passions tell of the work of Christ. He produced hundreds of sacred works for organ and hundreds more works to directly glorify God. He began the manuscript scores of his sacred compositions with the letters J.J., which is the abbreviation for Jesu, Juva or “Jesus, help.” He concluded these scores with S.D.G., which is Soli Deo Gloria, “to God alone the glory.”[5]


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The Prince of Peace
Monumental, Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

America has undergone a radical shift in recent times, from an exceptional nation the most free, prosperous, and virtuous in history to a nation in decline. There are numerous signs of decay in the American culture: the breakdown of the family; the abandonment of sexual morals; the decline of education; the rampant killing of unborn children; the rise of big government; and the growing hostility to Christianity in schools, colleges, the military, business, and government. The good news is that we can do something to solve these problems and restore America. We can follow the blueprint that the Founders of the nation gave us to build a free nation.

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Many Americans Say Bible Is Key to Better Politics

Presidential elections are rarely kind and congenial affairs, but many pundits and politicos—and even the current president—think this year’s primary season has been more abrasive than usual. Aside from the candidates and their teams practicing civility, is there anything else that might improve the tenor of American political discourse? According to American Bible Society’s annual “State of the Bible” survey powered by Barna, half of American adults (51%) say politics would be more civil if politicians engaged in regular Bible reading. A similar majority (53%) says American politicians would be more effective if they read the Bible on a regular basis. In addition, nearly half of all adults (46%) say they wish the Bible had greater influence on American society.

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25 Surprising Facts about Religious Liberty Rights in Public Schools

Beginning next month, cap and gown-clad seniors in high school auditoriums across America will take the podium and deliver carefully prepared comments to their classmates, teachers, and families. And of those who profess a religious faith, many may wonder what role, if any, their personal beliefs are allowed to play in their graduation speeches. With the box office release of God’s Not Dead 2 last weekend featuring the fictional story of a teacher punished for saying “Jesus” in the classroom, some teachers may be questioning what real-life religious rights they have at work.

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Pastors of Conservative Churches Say They Won’t Preach What the Bible Says about the Issues

The American people are frustrated by numerous aspects of the coming election. The unpopular candidates, the biased media, inept political parties, unfair financing, unreliable polls, negative advertising – the list of disappointments is long. But for Christians who want to vote in an intelligent and biblical manner there is an additional, troubling concern: the unwillingness of theologically conservative pastors to help congregants understand what the Bible says about the issues relevant to the election. The refusal of pastors to preach on the issues is not based on some random observations by a handful of individuals; it is a reality confirmed through several surveys conducted by national surveys among theologically conservative Protestant pastors by the American Culture and Faith Institute.

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