Foundations of Biblical Economics, Business, and the Marketplace

A Christian economy will flow from the heart of man outward. A comparision of the factors of production in a Christian versus a humanistic society reveals why some nations prosper and others are in poverty. The wheel of progress in a Christian economy is presented, showing the components necessary for prosperity, and for dealing with poverty, inflation, unjust taxation, and other economic concerns.

A Biblical economy will have an honest money system. One of the signs of a nation in decay is the condition of its currency and the degree of honesty in its weights and measures. Learn how to establish Biblical money and banking principles in a nation. A Biblical view of business and work is presented in the life of the inventor of the reaper. McCormick’s invention was the foundation for the prosperity of many. Work and business are a part of God’s calling through which people can fulfill their divine mission and manifest God’s Kingdom on the earth. Sessions include: Principles of Christian Economics, The Economy from a Biblical Perspective, Honest Money and Banking, Biblical Princples of Busines and Work, Joseph Lister and Biblical Medical Principles.

Instructor: Stephen McDowell

Format: 5 audio sessions with numerous powerpoint slides, written text of each lesson, and review questions.

Credit Hours: 5

Course No.: MKT01

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