Why Christians Should Support President Trump


Why Christians Should Support President Trump and His Good Policies

Not the Lesser of Two Evils


Stephen McDowell

As the 2020 election draws near, many Christians are considering who they should support for elective office, especially for President. Some have made the argument they should vote for Donald Trump because he is the lesser of two evils. They explain while he has many moral faults, he adheres to more good policies than Joe Biden and the Democrats.

While there is merit in this argument, there is a much stronger argument to vote for President Trump and Republicans rather than Biden and the Democrats. In fact, there is a strong biblical argument that Christians cannot vote for Democrats.

Reasons Why Christians Should Support President Trump and His Good Policies

Based upon their party platform, their votes in Congress and state legislatures, and their personal declarations, most Democrats are anti-life (many supporting tax-payer abortion on demand even up until the day of birth), for redefining the family contrary to biblical standards, pro transgender and LGBT agenda, anti-religious liberty, against educational choice, oppose rights of conscience, support much immorality, and are often anti-Christian. (See the charts of the Party Platform Comparison 2020 at the bottom)

President Trump generally supports the biblical position on these issues, and the Republican Platform (which most Republicans embrace) aligns with what the Bible teaches. In addition, President Trump has appointed pro-constitutional judges, championed prison reform, and implemented many policies that are based upon biblical principles, including lower taxes, less government regulations, responsible development of natural resources, protection of inalienable rights, and upholding the rule of law.

The contrast in the positions of President Trump and the Republicans with Joe Biden and the Democrats clearly reveals two distinct worldviews and philosophies of life. Considering that Paul says our Christian life involves a battle of ideas (2 Cor. 10:3-5), we must understand we are in a war of religious beliefs. Who prevails will determine the future course of the nation. The Founders of America built the nation upon Christian ideas; the policies of the Democratic Party are antithetical to our founding principles.

The Biblical principles upon which America was founded produced the most free and prosperous nation in history. If those principles are replaced by anti-Christian ideas, we will have the opposite fruit including economic decline, moral decay, loss of liberties, and disrespect for the rule of law. We need only to look at cities and states run by Democrats in recent decades and see the contrast. (Many people have been fleeing these cities and states, but if the same liberal policies are imposed upon the whole nation, there will no longer be places in which to flee.)

Voting in this election involves much more than considering who is the least evil of the candidates on the ballot. It has to do with the future direction of the United States. Will we embrace the Christian principles upon which we were founded and point the nation in the direction of liberty and progress, or will we go the way of most nations in history, away from virtue and truth, with the corresponding decline in all spheres of life?

We are about to see, in the words of President James Monroe in 1822, “whether there is sufficient virtue in the people to support our free republican system of government.” I pray that there is.



To help you compare the positions of the Republican and Democratic Parties, see below: “Party Platform Comparison 2020.”  To help you understand the nature of the war of worldviews, see Why Do the Leftists Rage, an article written not long after Donald Trump became our President. That war has only intensified in the last four years; the underlying presuppositions remain the same. You can order copies of the booklet from our online store, Why Do the Leftists Rage.





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