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Pastors Equipping Christians for Their Civil Duties

“I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night” (Isa.62:6). God appoints His people to be watchmen on the walls — to guard the city and sound the alarm when the ungodly seek to take over. For the first few centuries of American history, Christian leaders acted as watchmen. In fact, Christians gave birth to America — they colonized the states, they wrote the laws and constitutions, they started the schools and colleges, and they served in leadership in every area of life. However, in the last century or so the watchmen have fallen asleep and the enemy has swarmed into the city. The result has been a gradual decay of society and an increasing assault against God and His truth. To restore the nation, the watchmen must wake up, sound the alarm, and fulfill their duties, especially their civil duties.

Sessions include: 1) Prayer: The Watchmen’s Duty and Foundation of American Liberty. 2) The Biblical Basis for Christians’ Civil Duties. 3) How Christians Can Fulfill Their Civil
Duties. 4) Pastors and the Founding of America. 5) Changes in Our Nation that Should Motivate Us to Run to Win. 6) Ministers: Leaders of a Second American Revolution. 7) How Pastors Can Make Civic Involvement Part of Their Church’s Basic Discipleship.

Instructors: Stephen McDowell, David Barton, and Mark Beliles
Format: 7 DVDs
Credit Hours: 7


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