America’s Christian History (part 2: Beginning and Growth of the Nation)


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This course continues the story of God’s hand in American history, from the early years of the republic up into the 20th century.

Sessions include: The Separation of Church and State; Evidences for the Christian Foundation of America; Thomas Jefferson on “The Foundation of America’s Liberty”; America’s First War with Muslim Terrorists; Reforming the Nations: an Example from the Life of Webster; Marcus & Narcissa Whitman and the Cultural Mandate; The Role of Women in History; Biblical Principles in American History including Black and White Relations; Ronald Reagan and the Providence of God; A Nation Adrift.

Instructors: Stephen McDowell, David Barton, and Michelle Atchley

Format: 10 sessions. 8 are on CD (or audiotape); 1 session is on DVD; 1 session is a DVD documentary.
Course No.: HIS03

Choose Credit if you are enrolled in the Biblical Worldview University and you will receive credit towards your Providence Foundation degree.

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