America’s Christian History (part 1: Vision & Planting)


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God had a unique purpose for America in history. His hand is evident upon the nation from the beginning,which was recognized by those people God used to establish America. This course presents the providential purpose of America and looks at some of the events up until the time of independence.
Sessions include: America’s Freedom: Founded on Faith; The Bible: Rock of the American Republic; Richard Hakluyt & the Providential Colonization of America; Jamestown: The First Permanent English Settlement; The Christian Influence in the Founding of Virginia; Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving; No Cross, No Crown:Exemplified in the Life of William Penn; Fast & Thanksgiving Days in Early America; The American Christian Revolution – Christianity: the Foundation of Liberty

Instructors: Stephen McDowell and Mark Beliles

Format: 9 sessions. 8 sessions are on CD (or audio). 1 sessions is on DVD.
Course No.: HIS 02.

Choose Credit if you are enrolled in the Biblical Worldview University and you will receive credit towards your Providence Foundation degree.

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