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Watchmen on the Walls

The online course, Watchmen on the Walls, is free to Members of the Providence Foundation.


Providential Perspectives

  1.  Rendering to Caesar the Things that are God’s (PP-1)
  2. The Economy from a Biblical Perspective (PP-2)
  3. Honest Money & Banking (PP-3)
  4. Equal Justice Under God’s Law (PP-4)
  5. Transforming Medicine & Business with Biblical Principles (PP-5)
  6. Kingdom Missionaries Marcus & Narcissa Whitman (PP-6)
  7. Matthew Fontaine Maury, the Pathfinder of the Seas (PP-7)
  8. Loving God with All Our Minds, with Lists of Books and Films (PP-8)
  9. Crime & Punishment (PP-9)
  10. Some Dare Call It Theocracy (PP-10)


Providential Perspectives (Past Issues)

  1. The Hand of Providence
  2. Michael Faraday, a Christian Dynamo
  3. A Wall of Separation?: Church, State and the Founding Fathers
  4. Alvin York: an Example of Ministry in the Workplace
  5. Countering the practical Atheism Controlling America
  6. The Christian Faith of George Washington
  7. The American Dream: Jamestown and the 400th Anniversary of the American Christian Republic
  8. How to Disciple the Nations
  9. Knights of the Brush, The Hudson River School and the Moral Landscape



  1. The Miraculous Defeat of the French Fleet, 1746
  2. The Role of Women in History
  3. The Bible, Slavery, and America’s Founders
  4. In God’s Providence “Good Tidings Will Soon Arrive.” Samuel Adams and the Founders’ Faith in the Cause of Liberty, and Example for Today
  5. Richard Hakluyt and the Providential Colonization of America
  6. Interpreting the First Amendment
  7. Patriotism
  8. Qualifications for Godly Officials
  9. Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Historic Writings

  1.  The Bible — An Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Bible Society in Boston, May 28, 1849, by Robert C. Winthrop, Speaker of the House of Representatives
  2. Christianity in Early America by Alexis de Tocqueville
  3. The Last Will and Testaments of the Founders Reveal Their Christian Faith
  4. Faith of the U.S. Presidents Seen in Their Inaugural Addresses

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Providence Foundation Books

For Premium Members

  1. Watchmen on the Walls
  2. The Ten Commandments and Modern Society
  3. Building Godly Nations
  4. In Search of Democracy
  5. Liberating the Nations
  6. Restoring America’s Christian Education
  7. In God We Trust Tour Guide
  8. Contending for the Constitution

 Books and Articles in Various Languages

  1. The Ten Commandments (Spanish)
  2. Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate (Spanish)
  3. Biblical Economics (Spanish)
  4. Liberating the Nations (Spanish)
  5. Liberating the Nations (Italian)
  6. Liberating the Nations (Burmese)
  7. Liberating the Nations (Swahili)


Powerpoint Presentations

For Premium Members

For titles of various presentations that are available, see Seminars and Presentations. (Please email or call us to get copies of Powerpoints.)

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