Critical Race Theory: A Neo-Marxism Ideology

Stephen McDowell


The secular left has been attempting to spread false and unbiblical ideas throughout the nation by teaching Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project in schools, the media, Hollywood, and government institutions, including the military. This is not new, as these ideas have been gradually introduced into textbooks, museums, newsprint, and other avenues over many decades. But today they are becoming more blatant and any opposing ideas are being suppressed.

The 1619 Project teaches false ideas of American history, starting from the premise that America was founded as a racist society. It basically assumes everything about our founding was bad and therefore, must be abandoned.

Critical Race Theory is a neo-Marxist ideology that redefines human history as a struggle between “oppressor” (white people) and the “oppressed” (everybody else). CRT is not only being promoted in schools, governments, and businesses, but also in some churches.

Marxism teaches the concept of equality for all people, but sees this as equality of outcome – equal things for all. This hasn’t occurred because there are classes that oppress (the bourgeois) others (the proletariat). The oppressed (have nots) must rise up and overthrow the oppressor (the haves). Class conflicts are necessary to obtain equity and justice.

Marxists in the early 1900s saw it would be difficult to convince Americans to believe in permanent classes since America’s founding principles enable anyone to rise above their social status. All have the opportunity to be productive, if they work hard, are thrifty, and take advantage of American liberty. So Marxists began to promote a different conflict, that of race. You can change classes in America, but you can’t change races. Modern social Marxists have extended the oppressed to include any minority, especially LGBTQ+ types.

CRT teaches that America’s legal system, America’s history, and America’s church are inescapably racist. The oppressed must receive privileges, and the oppressors must make reparations for there to be equity. The end result of CRT is the end of biblical capitalism and constitutional liberties, and the rise of the oppressive authoritarian state.

Thankfully some people and states are pushing back against the onslaught of this false religion, but much more needs to be done. One means of combating CRT and the 1619 Project is by presenting the truth of our history. Our book America’s Providential History has been a great weapon to combat these bad ideas since its first printing in 1989. We recently released a new expanded version that you can see on our store.

Other books to combat the false ideas of Marxism are Ruling Over the Earth, A Biblical View of Civil Government, and the soon-to-be published Stewarding the Earth, A Biblical View of Economics. Any of these books are great for classes.



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